Friday, 11 May 2012

Eye eye Captain!

L'Oreal Telescopic mascara is something that has been raved about in the beauty community for quite a while. Last month i finally took the plunge and brought one and I must say I was not disappointed!

This mascara is in carbon black and it makes my lashes look much darker, fuller and longer. Although it is not a waterproof mascara it still stays on very well. 

The brush is of good quality and it helps separate the lashes so the mascara doesn't clump on them.

This product retails for roughly around £10.99 and i would definitely recommend you go out and try it, you won't be disappointed!

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

What the weather did

I am an English girl through and through and after 18 years i have grown accustomed to the crazy weather we experience. (Being told on the news we are in a drought even though it is torrential rain outside? okay...)

However today the weather made an attack against me today, look how violent the weather can be!

That's right! The weather killed my umbrella! I am now mourning the loss of this great, rain shielding friend :'(

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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Sleek addiction

Sleek palettes are one of my big loves. I have six of them (although one has gone walkabouts) and i get very excited everytime i hear about a new palette coming out. I don't have them all (a student budget only stretches so far!) but i have took some photos to show you how beautiful these palettes are, and they won't bust the bank at only £6.49

Sleek palettes in all their glory!
sleek palette: Sparkle (Not avaliable in the shops anymore, i picked mine up on eBay)

Sleek palette: Paraguaya (Limited Edition)

 sleek palette: Oh so special

 Sleek palette: Original (MIne looks so grubby because its getting old now!)

 Sleek palette: Bad girl

As you can see there is a beautiful range of colours in these palettes (I've written palette so many times it doesn't seem like a word anymore!) and the pigmentation is AMAZING!
Sleek is only stocked in Superdrug in the UK however you can often find them on eBay or Amazon.

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Monday, 7 May 2012

A bottle full of liquid heaven

Feast your eyes on these absolutely lush nail polishes from models own. These two colours are: Disco heaven and Indian ocean. 
These two colours look lovely on, Disco heaven (the gold one) takes a couple of coats to get an opaque effect but it is super sparkly and would look great for a night out or a party! 
I think however Indian ocean is going to become a firm favourite of mine. It looks absolutely stunning on its own but can transform nail polishes you already own into something completely different.
The top colour is Cyan Blue by Barry M which has had a coat of Indian Ocean over the top. However I think that Avon nailwear pro in midnight looks stunning and will be lovely for an evening out. 

At the moment Models own nail polishes are 2 for £8 in boots so grab a couple and try them out!

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

MUA lipsticks!

MUA is a brand that is available in Superdrug. It has alot of amazing products that won't break the bank! I have alot of MUA products and love them dearly but without a doubt my favourite products are their lipsticks. Good range of colours, long lasting, great pigmentation and best of all these lipsticks are a steal at £1 each!! Bargain!

Swatches: (left to right: shade 12, shade 15, shade 1 and shade 3.)

Pop the kettle on

Today I have decided to start a blog, full of acting, reading a makeup galore! So put the kettle on and folllow me through my life as a drama student/makeup addict. Enjoy!